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Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning is designed to promote the general health, safety, and welfare of our citizens through local zoning ordinance enforcement, economic development activities, environment related projects, land use guideline provision, public information services and permit assistance. The Town of Badin has a zoning officer, an appointed Planning Board as well as a Board of Adjustments, and works closely with the Stanly County Planning and Zoning Department. Land use and zoning guidelines for the Town of Badin were updated July 12, 2011. For questions about Town of Badin Planning and Zoning or to receive information about acquiring a building permit, please contact the Stanly County Planning and Zoning Office at 704-986-3660.

Planning & Zoning
1000 North First Street, Suite 13B
Albemarle, NC 28009
(704) 986-3660

Download Zoning Map for the Town of Badin

Zoning Ordinance table of contents

  1. Purpose and Applicability 1-1 to 1-2
  2. Definitions of Terms Used in This Ordinance 2-1 to 2-46
  3. Establishment of Zoning Districts 3-1 to 3-2
  4. District Regulations 4-1 to 4-47
  5. General Provisions 5-1 to 5-33
  6. Nonconformities 6-1 to 6-7
  7. Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements 7-1 to 7-16
  8. Signs 8-1 to 8-15
  9. Conditional Uses 9-1 to 9-6
  10. Amendments 10-1 to 10-4
  11. Zoning Administration 11-1 to 11-7
  12. Board of Adjustment 12-1 to 12-7

Goddard Video Arcade
Modular Home Definition
Ordinance No. 93-5
Proposed Amendment to Zoning Ordinance for Adult Oriented Business
Section 5
Text Amendments


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